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 Thank you for your interest in Wellington Soccer.  Please complete the form below to register new players.

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  1. I agree that I will abide by the rules of the Wellington Soccer Club, league, and all affiliated organizations.  I understand the risk of forfeiting membership by not abiding by these rules and Codes of Conduct.           
  2. I understand that this is Competitive Soccer and playing time is NOT guaranteed.                        
  3. I  understand that the required fees for the season are listed on the WSC Fee Payment Form and include registration fees and fundraising fees.
  4. I understand a player can be removed from a roster or penalized for non-payment of Club fees and player passes will be held till a player is in good standing.  I also understand there will be no refunds of Club fees   once player has signed and registered.                                                         
  5. I understand that Club soccer requires additional fees referred to as “team expenses” including, but not limited to, tournament costs, extra uniform items, etc…and that these fees are between the coach/manager and the player and not the responsibility of the Club. (See Player / Parent Contract)                             
  6. I am aware of the Club’s requirement for team service hours to cover Club sponsored functions and concession stands management and agrees to participate as requested to assist the overall membership.
  7. I am aware that built into the yearly fee for each player is a required $150.00 fundraising fee for the club.   
  8. I understand that any fundraising done by an individual or as a team is to be spent at each team’s discretion and is not accounted for by the club on an individual basis.  I also understand that team fundraising revenues remain with the team even if the player leaves the club and the funds move up in age progression year-to-year.  
  9. I am aware that WSC from time to time may need to replace the coach assigned to your team.                                                       


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