About Us


Mission Statement:
The Wellington Soccer Club (WSC) is an organization dedicated to the development of boys & girls soccer players who have the desire to compete at the highest level of youth sadf asdfsa fsadf asdf  and who are committed to supporting this organization in achieving the outlined program goals.  Since 1995, the WSC has been the travel soccer provider for players residing in the Village of Wellington and the entire Western Communities of Palm Beach County.

All players will be encouraged to achieve their personal best proficiency levels and will be supported by WSC’s employment of top quality Coaches who have proven credentials. The role of these Coaches will be to provide the highest possible level of training and the commitment to attaining their team’s stated goals as outlined at the start of each season.
All players will be encouraged to excel athletically, academically and socially by supporting their teammates and by being accountable for always respecting outlined standards for good sportsmanship.
In conjunction with the Club’s fundraising activities, WSC will form partnerships with local organizations such as government entities, community businesses and similar groups with the goal of supporting the Club’s financial needs and providing scholarships to worthy players.
WSC will build a dedicated soccer community support system by creating parental “ownership” for the business of running the WSC organization. Membership participation through Volunteerism will be required to insure the ongoing stability of our club and alignment with our Service Provider Agreement through the Village of Wellington.
Prepare players for participation in High School soccer programs, as well as District, State and Regional level ODP training when appropriate. WSC will provide for the exposure, recruiting assistance and parent education for players showing the necessary motivation and ability to attract collegiate acceptance and consideration.
To build respected and mutually beneficial relationships with other top quality soccer organizations nationwide, including college coaches and available development programs such as ODP.