Club Contacts


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Board of Directors

Jason Crawford President 561-846-2870
Mario Rodrigues Vice President - Girls 561-313-2022
Michael Campos Vice President - Boys 561-225-3353
  Vice President - Operations  
Aubrey Shine VP - Community Affairs 770-597-3265
Marjolijn Chung-Elbert Secretary 561-306-9451
Melissa Nermesan Treasurer 561-735-1090

WSC Staff

Patrick Zoete Director of Coaching 561-252-1467
Juliet Knight Future Soccer Super Stars Coordinator 561-389-9223
Kim Sullivan Bookkeeper 561-312-6976
Pete Lillo Administrator 561-452-7436
Tanya Galvant Uniform Coordinator 561-644-4310
Hanging by a Thread Embroidery 561-644-4310
Willie Bonfante Asst Concession Manager 561-670-9385
Lisa Mitchell Asst Concession Manager 561-603-2662
Seth Finkel Concession Manager 561-255-0882
Shari Ibana Asst Concession Manager 561-309-0953
Phil Wenzofsky Referee Assigner  
Bill Pinto  SFU League Rep 561-324-3987
Michael Small PBSL Rep 561-685-6460
Dana Garraputa Registrar 561-541-6070



The Club

P.O. Box 211855,
Royal Palm Beach, FL. 33421-1855